The Sisters of Mercy at Rockefeller Oslo September 28th

The Sisters of Mercy guitarist Ben Christo.

The legendary goth rockers The Sisters of Mercy on stage at Rockefeller, Oslo September 28th 2019. The Sisters and Doktor Avalanche have been in my music life since the early 90s though unfortunately I have never seen them LIVE. Until now. No SLR or press pass / photo credentials, so me in the front with my iPhone. Enjoy!

Set list

Dominion/Mother, Russia, Vision Thing, No Time To Cry, Doctor Jeep / Detonation Boulevard, Show Me, When you don’t see me, Alice, First and Last and Always, Marian, Better Reptile, Ribbons, Instrumental, Something Fast, I Was Wrong, Flood II 

More, Lucretia My Reflection, Temple of Love, This Corrosion

Dylan Smith and Andrew Eldritch Live in Oslo.

The Sisters of Mercy - Temple of Love - Live At Rockefeller, Oslo, Norway September 28th 2019 

The Sisters of Mercy - More - Live At Rockefeller, Oslo, Norway September 28th 2019

The Sisters of Mercy - Lucretia My Reflection - Live At Rockefeller, Oslo, Norway September 28th 2019

Music video: The Sisters Of Mercy - This Corrosion 

The WWII plane wreck in the outskirts of Oslo

Urban exploring at Hansakollen Hill just outside Oslo.

World War II. On July 2, 1942, a German Dornier DO17 plane crashed at the mountainside of Hanskakollen hill just outside of Oslo. Most probable cause, bad weather. All three German soldiers on board were killed and the remains of the aircraft spread out.

The wreck is still well kept. DO17 was a very common bomber during Hitler-Germany's offensive in Europe and the Luftwaffe had more than 500 machines when the war broke out in 1939. Since then, these aircraft were quickly replaced with better models. It’s believed that this plane was used as a courier plane between the old Oslo airport Fornebu and the military airport at Gardermoen. Coordinates: Wreck: 60 02' 39.33" - 10 47' 33.16
Engine: 60 02' 24.07' - 10 47' 33.39

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