Beogradsko Odmaraliste

One of the main stairs at Beogradsko Odmaraliste.

Built in the 1970s on the island of Hvar in Croatia, nestled in the Zenišće Bay to the east of the city Jelsa, stands the Beogradsko Odmaraliste - Children’s Resort and Rehabilitation Center of Belgrade. This sprawling complex is covering 8,400 square meters. The two-story massive buildings within the complex housed various facilities, including a pavilion hotel, reception area, offices, TV room, kitchen, two restaurants, sports fields, storage units, garages, disco clubs, pizza place, library, classroom, grocery store, emergency room, swimming pool, gas station, furnace, and a fascinating tower-observatory. 

Operating throughout the year, the resort became a cherished destination for children, offering a guaranteed high-quality vacation experience. However, the unfortunate turn of events led to its decline. During the onset of the war, the Croatian National Guard occupied the premises, and later, refugees sought refuge within its walls.

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